London Special
written in English of course

For those people who want to go to London in the next time I describe my Journey that I did for a few weeks ago, and tell you about the experience I made looking for the metal and gothic scene in London.

After a 12 hour bus trip we arrived at our hotel, it was more like a youth hostel, in Notting Hill. After we had smashed our luggage in our youth hostel room, we rolled something together and checked up the first pub that we had found near our hotel. It is a very amazing and hectic city, ambulance sirens the whole day and people everywhere. We had drunk a cider and watched football in the pub and get out to check out the underground tube Notting Hill Gate. For 4.50 £ you can go through London the whole day. In London there is no centre, the centre is everywhere, you can not find a way out, you are in London. The next day I went through Hyde Park and to Royal Albert Hall, The Who and Bon Jovi played there, and I visited the Museum Of Natural History.

The most interesting thing in the Museum was the oldest tree of the world which fell in 1892 in Chile at the age of 1350 years. You can look at elements and organic materials like silver, jade, amber and many more, maybe the complete element list of your chemistry book; I can not describe the dimension of that. Prehistoric animals, not false, natural, taken out of the earth!!! Unbelievable!!!

Okay, what about the Metal scene in London? After I was in the Museum Of Natural History I looked at Carnaby Street. A friend told me I should search for this street to buy some Metal CDs and look for Metal Merchandising. I had found the Carnaby Street but I had only seen shops with Levis and other trend brands. My friend did not mean Carnaby Street, he meant Camden Town Road, but when you are in London you can nevertheless look for Carnaby Street, if you want to buy some clothes and other things. Not far away, in the Wardour Street, is the only true Metal Pub in the centre of London, The Intrepid Fox. I was there at four o'clock in the afternoon and had a beer, a beer without carbonic dioxide, they pump the beer out of a barrel, but it was okay. You can look at the pictures above; it was a real Metal Pub!

I asked some guys about Carnaby Street, they told me I should take the North Line to Camden Town, there I would find what I was looking for. "And where can I find a guitar shop?" "Oh, it is not far away" was the answer. I just went five minutes to the Tottenham Court Road. I have forgotten the name of this Music Store. Wohw it was a very big one. Unfortunately I was not allowed to take photos. I had seen many awesome guitars. I went along Tottenham Court Road to Tottenham Court Tube and took the North Line to Camden Town. Already at the railway I saw a men with leather clothes and two reggae people and I thought "here I am on the right way". After the arrival at Camden Town the fist person outside the tube asked me whether I needed drugs. And I said, no thanks I have got enough :-).

Camden Town is very different opposite to the rest of the city, lots of small shops and stores where you can buy Metal CDs and T-Shirts, wet look and gothic clothes, smoke sticks and hash pipes, Techno and Reggae Music and so on. But the flair in this street was not very good, many drug dealers and it sometimes feels like an oriental bazaar. I was a little bit disappointed about that, but there you find everything what you are searching for. Back in the centre of London the sun had set. It seems that London never sleeps, every day is weekend, and most of the people are fucking each other and gobble all day long as if other things didn't exist. I walked around Piccadilly Circus (Hint: Virgin Music Store) and watched China Town at night. Very strange persons in the streets there. Take care if you want to see London at night. And forget the Hard Rock Café, I was very disappointed about the Hard Rock Café, I visited it on my last day in London, and I was the only man with long hair, people with smokings and ties who ate their very expensive dinner. Forget it. I had a look at Buckingham Palace, Westminster Abbey, Big Ben, Tower Bridge, BBC, London Eye and of course the Tower On London, too. (holger)

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